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  • Blues Only Box

    Three hand-cut, half-pound wedges of our favorite blues with detailed tasting notes.

  • Camembert Ferme de Jouvence

    Very rare outside of France, this farmstead produced wheel is a fine example of the age-old classic. Garlicky, mushroom notes waft from the bloomy white rind and soft creamy interior.

  • Marin Petite Breakfast Cheese 4 oz – Cow, CA

    The California original produced for over 100 years. This bundle of triple crème delight is like brie without the rind. Delicious with Champagne – for breakfast or any time of day.

  • Prairie Fruits Farm Fresh Chevre 6 oz – Goat, IL

    Gently hand-ladled fresh goat cheese made from this sustainable farm’s own herd in central Illinois. Bright and lemony flavors pair well with honey and jams or with savory herbs and vegetables.

  • Underground Meats Saucisson

    Classic French style saucisson with black pepper and garlic.

  • Underground Meats Finocchiona

    Black Pepper, Fennel and Wine.

  • Underground Meats Spanish Chorizo

    Our Spanish Chorizo is a riff on chorizo rioja. We use cascabel, pasilla, and guajillo chiles and add sherry, cayenne and smoked paprika to produce a rich, spicy and balanced pork chorizo.

  • Underground Meats Goat Salami

    Goat Salami is one of our most unique products as well as a customer and employee favorite. We use lean goat meat mixed with a small amount of pork for richness and add rosemary and cinnamon to compliment the flavor of the goat.

  • Italian Taralli 6.5 oz – Milan, Italy

    The perfect cocktail hour snack. Think round breadsticks, made with semolina, butter, white wine, onion and raisins. Salute!

  • Spanish Cocktail Mix 8 oz – Valencia, Spain

    Crunchy, salty, lip-smacking party mix. Spanish Largueta almonds, fava beans, chickpeas and giant corn kernals.

  • Marché Marcona Almonds 5 oz

    The highly prized Marcona is indigenous to Spain. Sautéed with the skins in olive oil and sea salt for added flavor and texture.

  • Marché Caramelized Walnuts 5 oz

    These Spanish walnuts are carefully candied to create a satisfying crunch and dark caramel flavor. Wonderful as a snack, on salads, and added to a cheese board.

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