• Juliska Bilbao Whitewash Cofftea Cup

    Brimming with casual elegance, this generously sized mug is the perfect sophisticated neutral to pair with your every occasion for cozy sipping, from morning coffee to fireside hot chocolate.

  • Juliska Bilbao Whitewash Coupe Bowl

    A tour-de-force in modern tableware, this coupe bowl is translated beautifully in cozy curves and a well-loved patina. Serve up sumptuous amounts of your favorite grain bowl, fresh pasta, or slow cooked stew.

  • Juliska Bilbao Whitewash Dinner Plate (11″)

    Hand-hewn in a classic coupe shape and finished with our warm and translucent signature whitewash glaze, this dinner plate will elevate any casual gathering with a stunning combination of modernity and patina.

  • Juliska Bilbao Whitewash Salad Plate (9″)

    A beautiful complement to any table setting, this versatile plate pairs potter’s wheel detailing with modern shaping to beautifully showcase everything from fresh summer salads to cozy fireside confections.

  • Juliska L’Amour Toujours Cereal Bowl (7.5′ diam.)

    Just like Paris, it’s easy to fall in love with this bowl that is trimmed in chic black and blue, and edged with a romantic scallop. Featuring our hand sketched L’amour Toujours motif and a pair of petite hearts, fill it with sweet things like cherries or beignets and devour the contents to discover our Berry & Thread hot air balloon floating within the basin.

  • Juliska L’amour Toujours Cocktail/Side Plate (7′ diam.)

    Romantic vistas are the playgrounds of hot air balloons, and this one is no exception – encircled by our hand sketched L’amour Toujours border replete with a sprinkling of hearts – you’ll want to take this chic black, white, and blue plate to the backyard for cocktail hour at sunset, or to the porch for croissants at sunrise.

  • Juliska L’Amour Toujours Cofftea Cup

    Greet every sunrise with this copious “cofftea cup” that is trimmed in chic black and blue details and is abundantly sized to fuel your daily adventures with coffee, tea, or a decadent chocolat chaud. A petite heart flies alongside our hand sketched Cafe de L’Amour banner and hot air balloon, reminding us to share love wherever the day may take us.

  • Juliska L’amour Toujours Dessert/Salad Plate Set of 4

    A bold declaration of L’amour Toujours (Love Forever) is hand sketched around the scalloped rim of this unabashedly romantic dessert/salad plate, making it a stunning silhouette for layering upon other dinnerware pieces. A pair of hearts and a hot air balloon remind us to share love wherever our entertaining adventures may take us, from a slice of homemade tarte tatin with coffee for a scrumptious breakfast in the garden, to a petite salad verte served under the stars for a moonlit dinner party. Packaged in our signature Juliska gift box, this set of four makes a charming present for any entertaining enthusiast.

  • Juliska L’Amour Toujours Dinner Plate (11″ diam.)

    The sky’s the limit with this chic dinner plate featuring our charming hand-sketched French hot air balloon and uplifting inscriptions, L’amour Toujours (Love Forever) and Café de L’amour (Love Café). Ultra-thin pinstripes in watery Delft blue and black encircle whatever gastronomic flights of fancy you dream up, from classic roast chicken to delectable duck confit.

  • Juliska L’amour Toujours Napkin

    A clean expanse of crisp cotton sateen is strewn with a sprinkling of hearts – like romantically falling confetti or snowflakes – in an eternally chic black-on-white motif. Edged throughout with our hand sketched L’amour Toujours border and charming hot air balloons at each corner, this lovely napkin lends itself just as well for breakfast in bed to an elegant brasserie-inspired affair.

  • L’Amour Toujours Hot Air Balloon Salt and Pepper Set

    This irresistible pair of hot air balloon salt and pepper shakers are sculptural little statement pieces in their own right, delivering a sense of whimsy and adventure to the table. Packaged in our signature Juliska gift box, it makes a heavenly present for any entertaining enthusiast.

  • 8″ Tray Ruby CE

    This versatile little ruby Country Estate tray can be used in many different ways – in your kitchen for sponge and soaps, the bathroom to keep bottles organized, in an entry way to hold keys, or on your desk for phone and coffee mug. Put one in every room of your house!

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