This Cheese Stands Alone… by Daniel Sirko
November 23, 2015
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A Celebration of Great Food by Daniel Sirko

12227157_10206371904629503_3135962361929546297_nSo I grew up in a house with that boxed orange cheese product and green canister of grated parmesan – pretty much the norms back in the day. Nearly three decades ago, curiosity lured me to this new food emporium in Glencoe where I took a job, for next to nothing, and was tasked with taking care of the cheese case. Scanning the couple dozen wheels of odd shapes and peculiar rinds, with names I could hardly pronounce, it was both intriguing and intimidating. I started tasting and learning everything I could about them.

Jump to today and I’m even more intrigued – with the history, processes and flavors that go into all the great cheeses. What’s intimidating now is the wealth of options available from the traditional imports and new American artisans creating new standards of excellence. It’s a thrilling era for any cheese lover.

With the opening of Marché it’s so exciting to be stocking the cases and shelves with products we love crafted by people who take pride in what they produce. The food loving staff is eager to present our collection, offer you tastes, and share their knowledge. For us, Marché is a celebration of great food – and you’re invited to the festivities. See you soon.