Marché Raclette Party Kit

It’s the season for Raclette – the Alpine winter tradition of melting the surface of cheese wheels over open fires and scraping the gooey goodness onto plates of potatoes, meats and vegetables. For a fun way to refresh the family dinner or enhance your holiday celebrations, we’ve put together an easy, delicious solution – The Marché Raclette Party Kit.  Each package includes the rental of Boska’s electric Raclette Quatro Melter and Raclette scraping knife, plus all the food needed for a convivial night of cheesy revelry:  one-quarter wheel of Mountain Raclette – that’s over three pounds of cheese –  plus smoked and cured meats, ready-to-cook potatoes, pickled vegetables and baguettes.  Plenty as a meal for six, it can also serve as the centerpiece for your holiday party table.
The Raclette Party Kit is $125 and should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance, based on availability, and will be ready for pickup after 2 pm.  The knife and machine must be returned in working condition by noon the next day to avoid charges ($275 replacement value).  Pick your date and give us a call to reserve yours (630) 790-8890.