Swiss Diamond 3 Piece XD Fry & Saute Pan with Lid Set


This classic Swiss Diamond 3 piece set features an 11” Fry Pan and a 4.3 quart Sauté Pan, with a lid that fits both items tightly and securely. The coating on each pan is new and more advanced – these pans feature our XD diamond-reinforced coating, which contains 20 percent more diamonds than the previous Swiss Diamond coating. This new coating ensures no scrubbing or soaking – the nonstick properties makes food residue slide right off the pan. The formulas for Swiss Diamond nonstick coatings provide the same premium quality that cooks worldwide have grown to love. That, coupled with the modern design, makes it a wonderful choice for any kitchen.

The set contains:
11” Fry Pan
4.3 Qt. Sauté Pan
11” Lid (Which Fits Both)


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