Swiss Diamond 5.5 qt XD Covered Soup Pot


In search of a pot that can handle everything from soups, stocks, stews, pastas and more? This Swiss Diamond 5.5 Qt. Nonstick Soup Pot is just the pan for you. With its thick and heavy, cast aluminum construction and the new and improved Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating, this Soup Pot is in a league all its own. Featuring 20 percent more diamonds than the previous HD nonstick coating, this soup pot features a rivet-free cooking surface for maximum protection against bacteria. The extra thick, cast aluminum body features a perfectly flat base that will not flip, spin, tip or warp while cooking. Nothing conducts heat more quickly or evenly than diamonds, which means you never need to use more than low to medium heat. With one of the most uniform heat distribution surfaces on the market, this pot is ready for years of soups and stews. Designed for a healthier cooking experience, Swiss Diamond allows for you to cook with no access oils or butters, leaving you with lighter meals and years of healthy eating. The pot is manufactured using an eco-friendly production process, and this nonstick coating is PFOA-free and safe for your whole family. The new XD coating, combined with the cast aluminum body maximizes heat transfer to eliminate hot spots and allowing you to never have to use more than low to medium heat. With this Soup Pot, do-it-yourself stock is a breeze to make, and investing in this pot means you’ll always have the right equipment.


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