THE STAFF + Q&A with Our Cheesemongers

Daniel Sirko, General Manager

Daniel, is a veteran of the specialty food industry helping to launch Pastoral Artisan Cheese and Fox & Obel Market in Chicago, and a founding partner at Wicker Park’s Birchwood Kitchen and Second Street Market in Highland Park. He is a member of the American Cheese Society, a not-for-profit that promotes cheese appreciation, home and farm cheese making and has served as a judge at the organization’s annual competition.

Wine or beer? Wine - mostly whites and reds.
Cow, sheep or goat? This week, goat cheeses – especially matured goat cheeses.
Desert island cheese? A well aged Gruyere - rich, timeless and satisfying, ideal for cooking and eating.
If I were a cheese I’d be... See above.
Most interesting thing I've learned at Marché? What an amazing, supportive community we’re in.
My best cheese Haiku? gentle. loud. complex. runny. squidgy. flaky. veined. so many choices.

Katie Glaudell

Favorite Cheesy Dish? Mac-n-Cheese
Cow, sheep or goat? I love all of 'em!
Desert island cheese? Roquefort or Gorgonzola
If I were a cheese, I'd be... Extra sharp white cheddar
Favorite Guilty Pleasure? Bad rom-coms and early 2000's movies
When I’m not mongering I’m… Relaxing outdoors, listening to spooky podcasts, and attempting DIY/craft projects.
Dream Trip? I was supposed to go to New Zealand but the pandemic happened so that’s still my #1!
Favorite non-cheese product at Marché? Anything that Debbie pickles. I love pickles.
Wine or Beer? Wine in summer, beer in winter, but red wine always.
Last good book I read was? East of Eden

Molly Hess, CCP

Favorite cheesy dish? Ploughman's Lunch
Cow, sheep or goat? All three!
Desert island cheese? Alp Blossom
If I were a cheese, I'd be... Big Ed's Gouda
Favorite Guilty Pleasure? Candy in all it's various forms
Dream Trip? London

Linda Rutschke

Wine or Beer? Most definitely wine.
Cow, sheep or goat? Now that I am expanding my cheese palate, I would have to say that I am leaning toward sheep as my favorite!
If I were a cheese, I'd be... Gouda - it has a little bit of edginess and gets better with age!!
Dream Trip? Would love to go to Australia
Favorite Non Cheese Product at Marché? The many, many wine options but with Debbie’s many delicious recipes coming in a close second
When I’m not mongering I’m... Spending time with my husband, drinking wine, bike riding and playing golf.